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                Style: Black Faux Fur Coat on MyDearVintage.com

So I happen to follow this young lady that goes by the name of @mydearvintage on twitter who sells a few great finds she scours the earth for.  I just posted my first “Frugal Girl” post thinking “there’s not too many times you come across a cheap faux fur coat in such good condition”, but voila, to my surprise, she’s selling one for under 30 bucks and I mean c’mon, you just can’t beat that. You can’t even walk into Macys with two”50% off” coupons thinking you’ll find something this cute for THIS cheap!I love it, and if I didn’t have one so similar I’d buy it, but you guys should jump to the chance before I do and look at the other pieces she has to offer as well!
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